Home Gym Flooring Upgrade

It was six months ago when my wife and I started thinking of becoming more active and routinely work out. At the time, and to prepare for this, I bought a couple of cheap AmazonBasics Eva Foam Interlocking Tiles. They seemed appropriate for the task.

This is how the room that we dedicated to our home gym looked like:

It seems pretty decent. However, when we started doing our HIIT program a month ago, we quickly realized that this flooring option was not up to the challenge when it came to exercise that involved impact, jumping, and sudden change of direction.

The tiles do a good job at isolating from the floor and offering a soft platform to land when jumping, but because of the thinness and the fact that they’re interlocked, it was pretty easy to get the tiles out of place:

This is less than ideal when good support is needed to perform optimally during the workout, and more importantly, to make sure you’re not getting injured due to a misstep.

We quickly started looking for other options. My wife found Rubber Flooring Inc, which had good reviews and very affordable options. Since we wanted to cover most of the room, instead of just buying an exercise mat, we started looking at their rubber flooring rolls. The cheapest they have is the Pre-Cut Regrind Roll. However, they don’t offer free shipping for this item, and since each roll is pretty heavy, shipping can cost more than the rolls themselves.

We discarded that option, and went with the 1/4″ 4′ x 10′ Tough Mats, because they offer free shipping for this one. We got three rolls for $229 plus taxes, which was enough to cover a 12′ x 10′ area. Attempting to cover an 8′ x 8′ area with a similar Gorilla Mat would cost 20% more.

After ordering, the shipment took roughly a week, which is pretty good for free shipment of three 60 pound rolls. This is how each roll looked like:

I got a double-sided carpet tape to keep each roll in place. And although I ended up using it on the edges of each roll, I didn’t really feel it was necessary as I was able to jump around and apply pressure in different directions without the rolls moving around or overlapping, while testing the whole setup prior to using the tape. So it was basically just a precautionary measure.

The most challenging part was to actually cut the edges to make the flooring fit from wall to wall. Since they don’t cut the rolls in a 90° angle, there’s some extra that needs to be cut for the roll to match the length they advertise. Although the cutting doesn’t look as good as I’d like, I would say that I was very much successful with the installation. This is an example of one of those rough spots I left while attempting to cut the rolls:

It’s a close-up, so it looks worst than it really is. In the grand scheme of things, the new flooring looks pretty great, and it feels even better. We can jump around with confidence and without risk of injuries. This is an investment I recommend to anyone with the intention of being serious about home workout and the budget to spend on it. Here’s the end result:

If you’re interested about the step in the picture, check this link.

If you’d like to know more about what I’m doing to change my life, feel free to contact me, drop me an email, or message me in Instagram.

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