My weight-loss journey begins…

50792693_1994479953998453_1808700573910486461_nTwo years ago I torn my left ACL. The incident was painful, but not as excruciating as the recovery process. After doing the initial physical therapy sessions that allowed me to recover mobility, I stopped exercising, until 3 weeks ago.

I’ve always had issues with yo-yoing weight. I haven’t been in my ideal weight since I was a teenager. My last attempt to get my weight under control was one year ago, before we moved from Chile to the US. By doing a high protein diet, I lost 35 pounds. But then… we moved to the US, AND my wife got pregnant with our second child. So, we started to enjoy the American cuisine that mostly involves a lot of not-so-good carbs. And that’s how I gained back the lost weight, reaching my peak of 247.8lb.

I was having constant back pain, and had zero dexterity to play with my 3 years old. Without much preamble, I told my wife it was time to change our habits. Somewhere in 2018 I had subscribed to a fitness streaming service, but never really used it. Now that I was determined to retake control of my wellness, it was a great opportunity to make use of it.

Along with that, we started trying a healthy food delivery service, to ease the transition into eating healthier without having to plan it all. Basically, to lower the adaptation curve.

Here, you can see the before and after comparison with my progress from the first two weeks:

See the original picture in my Instagram account.

I’ve decided that in order to keep myself accountable and on track, I’ll actively document my journey, and hopefully inspire others to get started, too!

If you’d like to know more about what I’m doing to change my life, feel free to contact me, drop me an email, or message me in Instagram.

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